Am. Mex. Nat. and Duel Int.Ch. McMaur's The Challenger CD, CGC, TDI, TT
Am. Mex. Nat.& Duel Int. CH. McMaur's The Challenger CD, CGC, TT, TDI
Our First Collie, "Chauncey"
Watercolor by Diana Hiiesalu
  My love of Collies started back in 1976 watching the "Working Group" at the Silver State Kennel Club Dog Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the ring that afternoon I saw a dog with such charisma and presence. It was then that I was determined to one day have a smooth Collie. That dog was Ch. Skyline's Wooden Horse. Fast forward to 1987... I had just moved back to Southern California and was ready for my first Collie. The person I contacted was Maureen Grosky of McMaur's Collies and as luck would have it, she had a beautiful smooth dog available, who just happened to have "Horse" as his grand sire. "Chauncey" came home and later became...
Am. Mex. Nat. and Duel Int.Ch. McMaur's The Challenger CD, CGC, TDI, TT.
He had over 50 BOV wins at all breed and specialties, was ranked in the Top 10, did therapy, obedience, agility, and even Protection training. He proved how versatile Collies can be. Thanks to Maureen's determination and selection in her breeding program, my first Collie was Normal Eyed and a Non-Carrier for CEA. He was also healthy as a horse and lived to the ripe old age of 13.
Am. Mex. Nat. and Duel Int.Ch. McMaur's The Challenger CD, CGC, TDI, TT "Chauncey"
Chauncey with handler Brian Phillips Chauncey still beautiful at 12 years of age
  When Chauncey was bred to Ch. Willamere Peaches 'N Cream HIC they produced... "Blanca"  
Ch. Bellagio Platinum Perfection HIC
  My foundation matron and the start of Bellagio Collies.
Blanca set the initial type for Bellagio Collies. She finished her Championship easily with wins at specialties and under all-rounders and has produced 3 champions so far.
Some of the exceptional dogs in her pedigree include...
Ch. McMaur's Gift of Love
(Ch. Cinderella's Sherborne Rage X Ch. McMaur's Foxy Filly)
Bred and owned by Maureen Grosky
A multi-specialty winning bitch
Ch. McMaur's Foxy Filly
(Ch. Skyline's Wooden Horse X McMaur's Duplicate Dream)
Bred and owned by Maureen Grosky
RWB at the CCA National 1979
Litter Sister to Ch. McMaur's Diamond Jim, BOV CCA 1981, Best in Show winner
Ch. Foxbride's McLaughlan ROM
(Ch. Charmant's All That Jazz X Foxbride Fairly Obvious)
Bred by: Lynne Fox, Carole Stevenson & Holly Shields
Owned by: Dr. DeHaven and Debbie Bachelor & Lynne Fox
#1 Smooth Collie 1989
Ch. Cinderella's Sherborne Rage
(Cinderella's Circuit Breaker X Can Ch. Pied Piper's B'witching)
Bred by: Beryl Brind
Owned by: Terrie Parker and Ellie McCullough
A multi-specialty winning dog
And of course the Illustrious...
Ch. Skyline's Wooden Horse
Bred by: Joyce Galaich
Owned by: Joyce Galaich & Lynda Buckels
#1 Smooth Collie for many years with over 150 BOV and 12 Group 1 in the Working Group, 2 Best in Shows
Handled by Brian Phillips
Over the years my eyes were continually drawn to the head detail, outlines and elegance of the Brandwyne family of Collies including Paradice and Clarion Collies. When Blanca was bred to Paradice Beyond a Shadow, the resulting litter confirmed I was getting closer to the virtues I was seeking.
Paradice Beyond A Shadow
(Ch. Paradice's Then Came Bronson X Ch. Napier's Liberty Fanfare)
  Bred by: Valerie Nassetta and Maret Halinen
Owned by Valerie Nassetta
Some of the exceptional dogs in "Shadows" pedigree include...
Ch. Napierís Liberty Fanfare
(Ch. Paradice Along Came Jones x Napier The American Affair)
Multiple Best in Show winner, Winner of the Brood Bitch Class at CCA Nationals
Bred and owned by Maret Halinen
Ch. Paradice Then Came Bronson
(Ch. Napier's American Storm X Paradice's Brolly By Golly)
Bred and owned by Valerie Nassetta
Ch. Napier's American Storm
(Ch. Paradice's Along Came Jones X Napier's The American Affair)
Bred by: Maret Halinen
Owned by: Valerie Nassetta
Ch. Paradice Along Came Jones
(Ch. Paradice's Cloak 'N Dagger X Paradice's Brolly By Golly)
Bred and Owned by Valerie Nassetta
  The next sires to leave their mark on the Bellagio Breeding Program are:  
BISS Ch. Gillespie's Thief of Hearts "Jaime"
(Ch. Gillespie's Prince O'Thieves X BISS Ch. Gillespie's BAMA Belle)
  Owned and bred by Angie Gillespie, Anne Sinclair and Lise' Chaplain

Glenbracken Classique On Ice "S'More"
(Ch. Heatherri's Let It Be X Classique Simply Irresistable)
  Bred by Karen Fairbairn
Owned by Leslie, Anita and Al Hernandez

"If you are fortunate to have success in any walk of life, it is because you are able to stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before you. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of dogs. Not only do you utilize the building blocks of early breeders from long ago, you are also priviledged to utilize the accumulated knowledge of those experts who came into your life in so many ways."

From Patricia Craige's book, "BORN TO WIN"

  Thank you to Maureen Grosky (McMaur's), Janine Walker-Keith (Incandescent), Val Nassetta ( Paradice), Judie Evans (Clarion), Helga Kane (Kanebriar) and all the members of the South Bay Collie Fanciers, Jody Ostrowski (Bellevue) and Tom and Nioma Coen (Macdega). Your knowledge and commitment to excellence for the Collie are my constant guide.


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